Despre ON

Whether it was a particular trend, a trip, a poem or a colour, Oana Nutu was always fascinated  with the classics of the past and the beauty of the present. So I try to recreate it with fabrics, colours, design and style every season. Rich tones create depth and pastels add heritage to the clothes. Oana Nutu focuses on feminine, mixing pretty, pastel and saturated colours with neutrals. She reflects the delicate beatitude of the woman through fashion. Vintage shades are used to generate a sense of intimacy and value to modern art. Silhouettes are dinamic, style is incorporated into every piece in the collection as a statement. Our clients embraces classic lines and cuts, but also loves luxury, uniqueness, details and playinfull elements. These values are promoted through ON every season.

PROMINENT COLOURS | Warm and cold pastels like those found in a painter’s masterpiece create unique contrasts resulting in mysterious  pieces.   Sweet lavender is one of the favourites, combined with the memory of  pale mauve and aqua grey.  The shade of begonia pink is hidden above blue turquoise,  golden apricot, or rose dust. Some natural choises during uncertain times are  silver sky, honey milk and maybe the distinct crème brulee (colour pallete from Pantone Institute).

FABRICS | Silk Lace Tulle 

INSPIRATION | The strenght and elegance of woman

MUST-HAVE ITEM FROM ON |  A long and elegant dress made of tulle, lace, organza will bring the spirit of haute couture